Vinco is reinventing sports eyewear by means of essentialist design and renewable material innovation.
Backed by 20 years of design, engineering and sustainability expertise. Tested by endurance athletes worldwide. Vinco is our vision of pure performance.

The world’s first renewable performance eyewear

None of the big brands' products delivered panoramic protection, tailored comfort, ultra-lightweight and rebuildable construction for a variety of active sports.
So we set our sights on creating the world's first renewable performance-oriented eyewear.

From the Earth to the Earth

Vinco frames are manufactured from Lignatura™, a proprietary renewable material
that replaces fossil-fuel-based plastics. Lignatura™ is a carbon-neutral
ultra-resilient bio-resin derived from a byproduct of paper production.

Through controlled reforestation

Lignatura™ consists of 98% Bio-based content from Fir and Beech wood fiber. Raw materials are PEFC-certified from forests in Finland using controlled reforestation practices. Flax, Jute and Sisal fibers are finally combined to achieve our specific performance characteristics.

Made responsibly in Italy

We manufacture our eyewear in the north of Italy, having chosen a company that shares the same values of respect for the environment and a diverse workforce. Our frames are injected using electrical machines which are powered by a high mix of hydroelectric energy. Frame components are tumbled with modern equipment using recycled water.

Renewable and rebuildable

When your Vinco frames get to the end of their useful life, we invite you to send them back. We’ll recycle them and replace them in a snap with a new one of your choice. 2-year guaranteed.