Interview with Alastair from Trail & Kale

Interview with Alastair from Trail & Kale

1. Can you introduce yourself? (Name? Where are you from? Age range?)


I’m Alastair from Trail & Kale, a website that helps you run your best with independent running shoe reviews, 101 advice, and free training plans. I’m in my early 40s, originally from England, now living in Marin County, California (near San Francisco).

2. What is your primary sport focus?

My primary focus is running; I switch between road and trail and enjoy all disciplines between 5k speed training and the mental resilience building that comes with ultra running. While I love all types of running my optimal racing performance is probably trail half marathons.

3. Do you have other hobbies/passions?

I also enjoy so many other sports recreationally, including mountain biking, skiing and paddleboarding, and am enjoying introducing my young son, Sebastian, to new experiences related to these!

4. What is your favorite color? and animal?

Favorite color: Teal! Like the most beautiful tropical waters you can imagine.
Favorite animal: Kepler, our resident trail dog! He’s a Border Collie with the most incredible amount of energy and smarts. After Kepler, though, I do have a solid appreciation and respect for mountain lions since living in California.

5. Tell us more about your journey into training/running/cycling?

I ran 100 meter races in high school, and picked it up again after a 10-year break when I was in my mid-20s working in London as a VFX artist in the film and advertising space. I later started increasing my running distance and moved to focus more on trail running, where I went on to develop a passion for mountain marathons and ultramarathons. Shortly after that, Trail & Kale was born - a path to sharing my love and passion for running with the world!

6. What are some of your pre-run/ride rituals?

I keep it simple. I make sure I’m hydrated and have eaten enough before heading out for a run. I often take a running hydration vest on my longer runs when I’m going on the trails, this ensures I can carry enough water, gear and even snacks for fueling that effort appropriately.

7. Where do you run/ride most often?

On bike paths and local mountain trails. The largest peak around where we’re based is called Mt Tamalpais, and it’s known as a trail runner’s paradise for good reason - year round running and a huge network of running trails. When I fancy taking in some epic views, I head up to the summit, or around the coastal side along Bolinas Ridge, where you can take in expansive views of the Pacific Ocean - there’s nowhere else in the world like it.

8. What (training or sport) goals do you have for your near-term future?

I’m frequently developing new running training plans for Trail & Kale, so my training often follows the plan I’m working on at the time. Currently I’m focusing on speedwork and hitting new PRs over 5k, 10k and the half marathon distance.

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