Ayla Granados Interview

Ayla Granados Interview

1. Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Ayla Granados. I am from Castro Valley, CA (East Bay Area) and currently reside here. I’m 32 years old 

2. What is your primary sport focus?

Track (middle distances 1500m-5k) and road racing (5k-10k)

Do you have other hobbies/passions?

I’m a coach! I coach a collegiate and a post-collegiate team, Cal State East Bay & Renegade Elite. These are my jobs but also my hobbies/passions. Helping/mentoring others is a passion of mine. 

What is your favorite color? and animal?

Favorite color: Teal

Favorite animal: Cow  

Tell us more about your journey into training/running/cycling?

I was late to the sport of running compared to my peers. I grew up a competitive swimmer. I swam from the age of 6 until 16. I went out for the cross country team my junior year of high school and loved it was a different sport than swimming but still had the same aspect of competitiveness and that the outcome was mainly in my control. I never really enjoyed team sports because so much of the outcome was out of my control. I would say running was primarily a social outlet for most of my young career. I got more serious about running by my 4th year of college. 

What are some of your pre-run rituals? 

I’m not big into rituals but before a race I like to keep things light and as normal as possible. I’d rather be up on my feet shopping or socializing with friends before a race rather than stuck in a hotel room by myself thinking about the race. I also like to take a moment to remember how fleeting and precious life is before I race to keep everything into perspective. 

Where do you run most often? 

San Francisco Bay Trail / San Leandro Marina 

What (training or sport) goals do you have for your near-term future?

Place top 10 at a usatf national championship road race. Qualify for the 2024 Olympic trials in the 1500m , 5k or 10k  

Does your training allow you to run/ride locally in nature? 

Yes, everyday!  

Tell us more about your experience with the Sola and Terra models? Sola has been great for my runs along the Bay Trail where there is not shade in site and also track workouts where it is also very bright. Terra has been great for trail runs where the trails go in and out of shady parts, Terra are the only glasses I’ve ever worn that I can wear on trails without a glare.  Overall protective eyewear has become so important as I've been running longer and aging. 

What makes a Vinco product unique for you in terms of usability? At some point in my running career, high quality design/material in any product I wear or use became crucial. I got sick of how disposable and cheap so many products, especially eyewear are made. Vinco is a high quality product , you can feel and see it. They look amazing but a lot of what has gotten me to really love the product is the lightweight feel, there’s nothing like it. The design is also unique and appealing , I get so many compliments and looking stylish also matters to me! 

How does planet sustainability influence your daily life? 

As an athlete, a coach and a Bay Area resident, my entire livelihood is influenced by planet sustainability. I think about ways we can be a more sustainable planet on a daily basis and that if we don’t prioritize planet sustainability as a collective, doing the things I love and get paid for (run & coach) , will become extremely difficult. We already face scary climate changes like a fire season here in California that have made an impact on sports like track, road racing, etc. if that continues to worsen it could alter and negatively impact our sport permanently. Aside from a sport/coach perspective ,  planet sustainability influences other parts of life such as deciding to grow a lot of my own produce at home, raise chickens, pick a job where I don’t have to commute on a highway, and shopping second hand only for clothes. I try to “do my part” but to also be realistic with what I can do consistently , my goal is to become more aware, educated, and sustainable each year I’m on this planet. 

Do you think companies should employ tactics and policies to reduce their climate impacts? Yes! Absolutely , I think companies should be required to do this by law. I feel climate polities are outdated and need to be reinvented. Companies should be held to higher standards and pay severe consequences if they cause great harm to our climate/planet. This is one of the most urgent and serious topics for all companies and corporations to stand behind. I feel like a lot of people are trying to do their part on a smaller/individual scale but if companies and corporations don’t do their part, the needle will hardly be moved. 


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